Koolsville ABCreative


Keith Turner - Vocals. Paul Paterson - Lead Guitar. Matt Curtis - Doghouse Bass.
Ian Morris - Drums/Vocals. Kenny Tomlinson - Sax

CDs / Singles Track Details

Rockin' Dancefloor Hits

When The Big Cats Walk
I Would Love To Love You
Rock No More
Pain & Misery
Just Because
Big Door
Foxy Dan
Saturday Night
Let’s Rock Tonight
I’m So Lonesome Baby
Wakin’ In The Rain
I’m Thru
Baby Please Don’t Go

I Gotta Gun

I Gotta Gun
Say What You Mean
Ice Cold Baby
I Never Felt Like This
My Gal Lillie
I Love You Baby
Pretty Baby
Lover Boy
Done Gone Crazy
Movin’ On
Lonesome Road
Sittin’ By The Pool


7" 45 rpm single

I Gotta Gun
Movin' On


7" 45 rpm Extended Play

I Would Love To Love You
Foxy Dan
Baby Please Don’t Go